Carpool Karaoke

The ask: Create a fun, inspired video for a donor event that offers something different that audiences have not seen before

The strategy: Create a carpool karaoke video that includes notable nurses, doctors, and executives of the hospital. They would travel around with a local celebrity and discuss goings-on at the hospital and emphasize the importance of donor giving for the future success of the hospital.

The outcome: We filmed with a number of participants, including the President and CEO of the hospital. We spent the day filming the participants as they drove around the grounds and talked about the hospital they know and love. The driver of the car was given questions that he would ask the employees. This helped facilitate conversation and allowed us to achieve the responses we were after.

The result: The video played at the donor event to much acclaim. Donors saw clearly the impact that their giving has had on the hospital community. The video was also placed online, where it achieved thousands of views.

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