Getting Started With Video


  • Meet with your team and discuss what you want out of the video

  • Begin to think about some of the key messaging points you and what you want to address

  • Figure out who needs to be in the video

  • Figure out what this video should be saying

Engage (if you hire a company)

  • Start researching video companies in your area

  • Meet them, in person or over the phone, and learn about who they are

  • Really look at past videos they have done; do you like their style? Do you like what they have done? Does it fall in line with what you are hoping this video will be?


  • Create a narrative framework for the video, based on what the video will be

  • Start to plot out a script

  • What is happening, who is speaking, what it will look like

  • Go online to video sites (YouTube, Vimeo) to get inspiration for the look and feel of the video

  • Start reaching out to the participants to schedule them

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