Why You Follow A Message

If you think customer service comes naturally to your organization, and that your team is following your message, think again. If customer service was tied to a message, and if it was so easy, then why do so many wrongs happen? Then why do universities not follow up on student concerns? Why do Olympic committees turn a blind eye to bad things happening in their ranks? Why do airlines manhandle customers or ask them to leave their seat so another couple can take their place? Why do you walk into a fast food chain and they’re all on their phones? Why do some daycare providers keep sick kids and get everyone else sick? Why does the cable box never work and it’s impossible to talk to a real, live person? Why do some hospitals drop patients off on the corner in the freezing cold? Why do festivals oversell tickets, offer barely any food for patrons, and provide barely enough trash bins or restrooms? Why do fitness centers tell you there is something wrong with you? Why do car companies lie about emissions standards and put out defective airbags? Why is it damn near impossible to navigate a company’s site?

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