Ways to reach association members

Think video – have them make personal videos that they can film themselves talking about why they love being a member

Think email – start creating a dialogue with them. Weekly emails about new advancements in the field, new progress being made, and news that is of interest to them.

Think social – not social media, but social gatherings. What kind of events are you putting on? How button-up are they? Why not try to make it more fun, more freeing, and more like a happy hour and less formalized? Why not do an escape room, or axe throwing, or brewery tour?

Think impact – get them out of the luncheon and get them into the community. Make them feel engaged, make them feel like they have a place here and an impact on the community. Volunteer initiatives is a great way to do this. Is there a big volunteer event happening focused on issues that matter to them? Go that route and you’ll be surprised at the results.

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